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Mirror and Indoor Plants


Want to live the plant life?

Styling and Delivering Rare and Specialty Houseplants to Metro Washington, DC

Plant Delivery

We are here for you if you can't find the plant you've been searching for [or if you can't get it home on your scooter]. 

Potting? We've got that covered too.

Plant Styling

Setting up a new home, adding plants to your home for the first time, or wanting to add a special feature? We're here to help as planners, guides, and executors.

Plant Selection

Not sure which plant is the right one for you? We can help you assess which plants fit your needs (and commitment level).

Image by Chris Lee

Large Plants

Various plant options ranging from 5-7'+

Clay Pots


Classic potting options available in both classic and luxury options

Image by Mike Marquez

Medium Plants

Various plant options ranging from 2-4'

Image by Sven Brandsma


Another great option for displaying plants; includes tray for water capture

Image by Kara Eads

Small Plants

Various small plant and cuttings

Image by Neslihan Gunaydin


We'll do the dirty work for you. Available for initial and repotting needs.

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