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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ is a beautiful, broad-leafed “snake plant” that is known for its  upright, bright silvery-sage leaves that darken to olive as the plant matures. It has a sculptural appeal that provides interest in almost any area of the home.


Sansevieria (recently reclassified as Dracaena) plants are ideal for low light, and actually seem to thrive on neglect, making them ideal for those who travel or who love plants but don’t have time to care for them. Sansevieria are also known to release oxygen at night, in which most other plants release in the day, which also makes this an ideal choice for your nightstand.


This cute baby comes potted in a hand-painted terracotta pot with saucer.

Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Moonlight'

    • Light: Tolerates a broad range of light conditions, from low to bright
    • Water: Drought tolerant; allow soil to dry completely between waterings
    • Considerations: Use a well-draining soil, and select a planter with drainage
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