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Whether you call it "String of Hearts," "Rosary Vine" or "Sweetheart Vine," there's a lot to love about Ceropegia woodii, a hard to find flowering plant from South Africa that makes a fantastic houseplant.


Its plump leaves are shaped just like little hearts, deep green in color lined with bright light blue. The new grown and stems are often tinged pink. The leaves appear on long cascading vines that hang straight down, creating an effect almost like a beaded curtain of heart-shaped leaves. String of Hearts often flowers,  and its blooms are pale magenta with deep purple centers – a sweetheart among indoor plants.


Grown in a 4" nursery pot.

String of Hearts

    • Light: Loves bright indirect or dappled light
    • Water: Allow the top 2" of soil to dry fully between waterings
    • Considerations: String of Hearts is semi-succulent and can tolerate periods of drought
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